Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to buy tickets, but the best seats I can get are towards the back. Why is this?
Much of the hall is sold through subscriptions, so when single tickets go on sale, the best seats have already been taken by subscribers.

When can I purchase tickets or pick up tickets in will call before each performance?

The box office opens 45-60 minutes prior to curtain time.

Do you sell discounted tickets?
FOCM offers $5 student rush tickets for all of our regular concerts, subject to availability; you must be a youth or a full-time college student with valid student I.D. Tickets can be purchased on the day of show only at the box office. FOCM also offers $5 tickets through the Arts for All program for all of our regular concerts, subject to availability,  to patrons who qualify for the Oregon Trail card.  You may purchase these in advance or at the door; you must show your Oregon Trail card to receive your tickets. We do not offer a senior discount.

Finding parking can sometimes be tough around PSU. Do you have any recommendations?
You can park for free in only PSU Parking Structure 2 (SW Mill and Broadway) starting at 7pm. Also, remember that Lincoln Hall is right on the Streetcar line and very close to the Red/Blue/Green Max lines, so consider taking public transportation!

Finding parking can sometimes be tough at Reed college. Do you have any recommendations?
Please do not park on neighborhood streets – you may get a ticket!  The closest free campus parking is off of SE 25th Ave, across from the Rhododendron Gardens. There are two other free campus lots, the North lot off of Steele St. and the East lot off of Woodstock Blvd.  Click here for a map.

I recently found out I can’t make it to a concert that I have already purchased tickets for. What can I do?

You can donate tickets for a tax credit up to one hour prior to the concert by calling our office, or subscribers have the option to exchange for another concert if the exchange is arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

What is appropriate dress for your concerts?
Most people wear business casual or slightly dressy clothes, but there is no dress code. Please be considerate of the audience members around you who may have allergies and refrain from wearing cologne or perfume.

When should I arrive?
Please try to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Arriving early allows you time to find parking, relax, read the program notes, perhaps enjoy a refreshment, and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Latecomers will be admitted between movements when possible, or between works during the applause.

How long are your concerts?
A typical performance is usually about two hours and includes a 20 minute intermission. We can not determine the exact length of our programs.

What do I do if I lost my tickets?
Don’t worry! Call our Box Office. We can print a duplicate set free of charge. If it’s the day of the concert,  just come a little early to the Box Office and your tickets can be reprinted on the spot.

When should I applaud?
Audiences tend to wait until all movements or sections of a piece are completed before clapping. You can check your program before or during the performance so you’ll know how many movements to expect. If in doubt, take cues from the rest of the audience.

What do I do if I have to cough?
Please don’t come if you have a bad cough or cold.  If you do need to cough, cover your mouth & nose to muffle the sound.  You may want to exit the concert quietly (an usher will assist you at the door) if you feel that you may be unable to suppress the coughing quickly.

I think I left a personal article somewhere at the show.  What should I do?
First call the FOCM office.  We often have lost articles or can refer you to the appropriate person at the venue.

Can I bring children to your concerts?
These performances are not suitable for babies and young children. We recommend that children be at least 8 years old, though interest and attention spans vary.

Can I bring in my camera and/or tape recorder? 
Taking photos, whether by camera or with your phone (with or without flash), and use of any recording device is not allowed.

Can I bring in my cell phone in case I get an important call during the performance?
Please do not take/make calls or text messages during the performance; it is very distracting to others even if the phone is in silent mode.  Please turn off ALL electronic devices, including watch alarms.