FOCM’s Poet Laureate

Friends of Chamber Music was delighted to have Margaret Chula as its Poet Laureate for three seasons, from 2010-2011 through the 2012-13 season. Ms. Chula was charged with creating original poems following each of the concerts in the Classic Series, as well as poems after select Not So Classic and Vocal Arts Series concerts. The poems are posted on the Friends of Chamber Music website and appeared in print in program books throughout the season.

Ms. Chula’s poems capture the essence of the concert in some way, but each poem has a different focus. We think you’ll find that the rhythm of words is not unlike the rhythm of music and we hope we have enhanced the listener’s experience in a novel and interesting way by combining these two wonderful art forms.

See links on the left sidebar to read poems from each of the three seasons. More about Margaret Chula.


Inspired by the Tokyo Quartet’s performance of
Bartók’s Quartet No. 6 on April 9, 2013

When I was a girl, I believed that someday
I’d find a whole field of four-leaf clovers.
I would give one to everyone I loved
and to those who were sad or old.

I believed that if I could skip rope
one hundred times, I would be able
to walk for the rest of my life and
outrun anyone who chased me.

I believed that if I bent over on one leg
and picked up the stone from the hopscotch
square, my life would always be balanced.

I believed that, if I never went out
of the lines or stepped on a crack,
I would never break my mother’s back.

Now I know that I cannot outrun death
nor will I ever be balanced in mind and body.
But, even though I lived outside the lines,
I still believe that I will be buried

in a field of four-leaf clovers.