Phil and Gayle Neuman’s Pioneer Brass Quartet has something new in store for you. A variety of trombones bring new life to a program of ragtime, Dixieland, jazz, and even rock music. Join the fun with treats for the ear and the palate in the Zisa’s delightful Alameda home. Learn more!

collectif9 • Nov 10

This nine-piece ensemble presents classical music with rock-style charisma, combining boldness and the highest of musical standards with amplification and lighting. BRAVO Youth Orchestra will be joining them on stage to perform an encore! Learn More!

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The inspiring program of German baritone Christian Gerhaher and pianist Gerold Huber will be the focus of this three week class, featuring powerful, introspective, and surprisingly delicate music by Gustav Mahler. Two movements from The Song From the Earth, and seven pieces from Mahler’s later period including his most beloved song “I Have Become Lost to the World” will be explored through comparative recordings and live performances by Portland baritone Kevin Walsh and pianist John Strege. This is music not to be missed! Learn more!